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Bedtime toddy

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Kit, that sounds exactly like what I go through and it is making me miserable.  Do you take both doses of Metformin at once now?  How is your timing different with the doses now?


I take 1 met when I wake up in the morning and the second one at bed time.  That evening dose does give me more consistently lower morning numbers.

The only change I made in my timing between then and now is that I used to take it with dinner instead of when going to bed.  I don't think it makes much of a difference in sleep or my numbers, but it was easier for me to build a routine with bed.  That way I don't have to remember to bring it with me if I end up going out for dinner, end up at work late, stop off with friends, etc.


While the sleep thing has improved, its still not perfect.  I will still wake up, but I'm not as awake as I was before and I can usually get back to sleep.  It may take me an hour or so, but it will usually happen.


My theory (and this is just a theory) is that my evening met made me more sensitive to my early morning liver dumps.  I'd basically get a burst of energy that my body wasn't used to having access to.


I don't know if my sleep has improved because my body is more used to it now, or if maybe its because I'm managed to minimize my liver dumps, or what.  I do know that they are more mild than they used to be.

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