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Bolus for low gi or fibre?

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I am currently just taking Toujeo, but I am getting Novorapid for those moments I am having something extra like on christmas.

My diabetes nurse calculated I need about 1u for every 35gr carbs as a general rule, but since carbs often are different I wonder how you all calculate this.


Do you take fibres or low gi carbs in to the equation? If so, do you bolus less or wait a little longer?


I know emmer (einkorn) and barley give me a much lower spike then wheat does, so in theory I should bolus less.

It will be some trial and error as we are all different, but what is your experience with this?

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I do a 50 percent subtraction for fibers if I'm running normal but count all carbs, fiber included, if I'm running high and/or under the weather.


I do a dual bolus for my breads, pastas, etc. on the rare occasions I treat myself.

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