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Extremely low for hours

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This is my first time posting. I am 9 weeks, this is our second try. I am on a pump and of course was charging my sensor when the low occurred. My last a1c was 6.0 and I am well controlled (except yesterday) I have not had a low blood sugar psychosis like this in probably 20 years. I had double vision and had the wherewithal to call my husband. By the time he was home I was acting fine-ish but still very low. He had to force feed me juice which I apparently had a hard time with. I literally only remember bits and pieces of a 4 hour window. When he was able to do a blood test (I am apparently very mean and fight back when low) I was a 33...which normally I can handle on my own. I was not low enough to trigger a liver response luckily. I am so scared that this will end an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Anyone have a similar experience or any advice?

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