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Endocrinologist or Diabetes Educator with MFM? Please Help

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Hi! Wanted to give you a little update because I need some advice. As you know from one of my last posts I'm attempting to have a VBAC, and I'm now 17 weeks pregnant. I have only been working with my endocrinologist so far for my type 1 diabetes but wondering if the diabetes educator would help me achieve even tighter control. My question is- Did you ladies work with a diabetes educator/nutritionist during pregnancy as well or know of anyone who has? Did it make a substantial difference? Also, was it along with a maternal fetal specialist? Just trying to figure out if should start seeing the diabetes educator or not. I definitely do not want to be put on a high carb diet. I really prefer low carb. I need the absolute best control (most likely below 6%) in order to have a chance for smaller baby & VBAC. My other question is- Do any of you know any Type 1's who have attempted VBAC or have been successful with one? My current OB is extremely negative and not really supportive. She thinks my sugars will be out of control and that she will be performing a c-section on me at 36 weeks! No induction options either. My last Dr never advised me to have my baby before 39 weeks. I'm currently trying to find a different OB who is more supportive.

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