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Herbal Supplements/organ transplant

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 At least six Australians needed organ transplants in the past five years after taking herbal supplements.

Data obtained from national organ donation registries shows, since 2011, three liver transplants and three kidney transplants

have been given to people who got sick after taking some kind of herbal supplement.


Key points:
  • Organ donation data shows six organ transplants have been linked to supplement use
  • The figures relate to cases where doctors were able to identify the probable cause of the illnesses
  • The data does not indicate what kind of herbal supplement caused the organ failure




My suspicions suggest the drug companies may  be involved with this findings  & could be  influenced by the multi billion dollar profits the supplement industry is making.

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6 organ failures due to supplements compared to the thousands occurring each year? That's a pretty tiny amount really. While I feel badly for the people it happened to, there are many more kidney failures due to ibuprofen than due to supplements (and also maybe in combination with ibuprofen?). And I wouldn't pin this on big pharma either. Rather the get rich, fly-by-night outfits that put cheap fillers in supplements. More and more studies are showing that the lack of regulation leaves these companies pretty much free to put in whatever they want.


ETA:  and those 6 were over 5 years, so basically 1 per year. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers that get onto the list each year in total. Less than a fraction of 1 %, no matter what country you are talking about.

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