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Cucumber Tomato Avocado salad

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That looks amazing!


I am making a Southwest Chicken Salad for dinner tonight. Lots of avocado and jicama. I am making a BBQ Ranch dressing.

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It turned out quite good.




So I made a few modifications from the recipe.

Didn't have roma tomatoes, so I used 2 medium beefsteak.  Not my preference, but its what we had.

1 regular cucumber cut into half moons, about 1/4 inch thick maybe.

2 avocado

4 green onions (didn't have red onion)


For the dressing, I just kind of added things til it tasted about right.


Mustard (as emulsifier) about 1 tsp

Mayo - to make it a bit creamy

Juice of 1 lime

olive oil

walnut oil (because was almost out of olive oil)

salt and pepper



I think I needed to use more dill, but otherwise was pretty good.

I went back for seconds on the salad.  Probably had about twice as much as is on the plate overall.


83 about 3 hours after the meal.  (Didn't have my meter with me).

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