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Gestational Diabetes Concern

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I just got my results back from the doctors concerning my gestational diabetes test. I had to take the test during my first trimester and the results came back not diabetic. I took the test during my 26th week and the results are:


Overall Results : 96, the physicians assistant said that anything over 92 is diabetic but on the lab report the reference number is 70-99

G.T.T 1 HR: 194, the PA said that over 180 is considered diabetic although the reference number is 200.

G.T.T 2 HR 143 which is lower than the 153 number the PA gave me but the lab report has it as 140 as the reference number


The PA referred me to a dieting class at the hospital and told me that i need to prick myself 4 times a day to test my blood sugar levels. Just to be safe I'm going to do the test again just to make sure. I would appreciate any opinion on this. It is concerning to me.



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My cousins have all be told that the test is not always the most accurate. That's why they run it several times.


With that gestational diabetes can be very serious for both you and your baby. I would err on the side of caution without fear. It never hurts to watch your diet when pregnant. The better my mom ate the easier her births were.

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