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It works

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I was diagnosed in March with an A1c of 8.3.  My doctor put me on metformin and gave me the "avoid white foods" speech.  After a few days I hit the interwebs looking for information and found this place, and spent days lurking and reading.  Like they say, "it takes a village".  


Then I started using the gym membership I'd been paying for, and not just avoiding the "white foods" but understanding why to avoid them, and most importantly living by my meter.  Monday I saw my doctor for the first time since the diagnoses.  In 6 months I've lost 24 lbs. and my A1c is 4.9.  It's not always easy, and there's the occasional "off plan" days, but if ignore those days and you stick to it, diet and exercise can go a long way in help with BG control.


I thank all the people here that have shared their stories and advice.  You've helped me.

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