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Eat to meter?

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One of the sayings here is "Test, eat, test, learn" which segues into "Eat to your meter"


So you will burn through several strips. 


Before eating, test and record.  Eat.  At about 60-90 minutes after eating, test again,  a rise in BG is expected.  If you go over 140 (some people set a goal of 120) OR you observe a more than 40 point rise then we would call this a spike.  You have consumed enough carbohydrate or protein which has been converted to more glucose than your body can easily clear.  Test again 2 hours and then 3 hours after eating.  You should observe your glucose lower to nearly where it started.  If it remains elevated, that can be becasue too much protein was consumed which take a little longer to convert to glucose.


The thing that sucks about diabetes is we need glucose since it is the fuel for our cells.  For some reason, we can't use our insulin or we don't make enough so this extra glucose just circulates around and, in time, causes damage.  My doctor once said we have it tougher than alcoholics.  You don't need alcohol to live but you do need glucose.


As you learn how you work, you won't need to constantly test but, in the beginning, it is vital since you need hard data to determine how your work, or don't work.

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Set some blood glucose goals then test various foods and eliminate, lower the portion size of, or find a low carb alternative to any food that your meter shows puts your blood glucose above your goal range. I found it was easier to make a list of foods I really love and not just nibble on when hungry to limit the foods I needed to test to set up my basic menu.

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A lot of people do this differently so you're going to get a lot of tips. Here's my take:


The reason for doing it is to see how specific foods and meals affect your blood sugar levels.


The way to do it is to test just before you start to eat, then at one hour and then again at two hours. For some foods, and some people, the timing is different.


As to what the readings should be, my ultimate goal is to keep my bg under 100 at all times. The reality (for me) is more along the lines of "I can keep it mostly under 120."



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Just to be very basic. I checked my BG one hour after start of dinner... 94. Good food choices and activity plans,

160 would Not be very good on all counts, yes you need a bunch of test strips.

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