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Walk, Walk, Walk

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Love hearing from fellow walkers.


My current goal is 10000 steps per day. While we are having cool weather, I like walking outside. I do have a treadmill that I actually enjoy walking on when it gets too hot outdoors.


Come on, walkers, let’s hear more from you!

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My cardiologist advised me keep a healthy diet and walk 30 minutes 5x a day as my regular exercise. I can also do some light work out at home if I wish too. 

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That's a lot of walking in a day so after that I'd not be wishing to do housework.

To be honest, I'd never wish to do housework  but I'd wish fairies would come in the night & clean my house.

I just dont enjoy being indoors & would rather be in the garden

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On 1/23/2019 at 2:48 PM, Carol_42 said:

Yesterday I started walking with Leslie again and I began "tapping" for motivation.  I made it through 1-mile.  But today ...


I feel like bragging (in a humble way). Early this morning I started with tapping for motivation with ... Brad Yates.



Then I did a 7-minute warmup out of Lisa Lyons (old) book Body Magic. I found my cheat sheet with all the poses (yoga, etc) on a card with stick figures I made about 100 years ago. And, oh wow!, I didn't realize I was so stiff. I couldn't even do a "shoulder stand", when I use to be able to do the "crow". But my stiffness will all change a little each day, thanks to my two motivation gurus, Brad Yates and Jesus.


Then I walked 1-mile with Leslie Sansones. And I may walk with her again later this afternoon.


And then I fixed a Keto breakfast with zoodles, chopped chicken thighs, sweet chopped tomatoes and fresh grated parmesan cheese. Big sigh ...


Thanks for the motivation video. I definitely need to show it to my grandma. She has type II and it' so hard to make her go outside. It might sound funny but she keeps sitting in front of her computer for the whole day, playing some games on Facebook.

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