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strange numbers

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a few months ago we went for breakfast--I had a belgain waffle like I have every once in a while with pretty good #s


later on in morning I came down with a UTI--went to the clinic there was "p" in the sample--they did a # test which came back at 225--this was less then an hour after the waffle--this put the PA into a spin


a few days later they did an A1C which was 6.2--Im usually mid to high 5 last one was 5.8--


so the end of JUne went for our physicals which my A1C was 5.8 without changing anything


I tried to tell them at the clinic that I had the waffle less the an hour before I came in--but that didnt mean anything


my reg dr was  happy--still I noticed that now the ADA lower the A1C to less then 5.7 so if they keep lowering the # pretty soon just about everyone will fall into the pre stage--I was so happy when I got my # under 6 and to get rid of the "H" after the # but now Im right back where I was getting the dreaded "H"


but my main question is why were my #s so far off when I had the infection then less then 3 months later were fairly good again

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