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A little bored and browsing through my Comcast "Streampix" menu last night...I came across a film by stand-up comedian and film maker, Tom Naughton called Fat Head (106 min).


"A comedian replies to the 'Super Size Me' crowd by losing weight on a fast-food diet while demonstrating that almost everything you think you know about the obesity 'epidemic' and healthy eating is wrong."


I think by now you and I are up to our ears in 'how-we-oughta-eat' documentaries...but I was curious as to what kind of a spin a comedian might have on this. I mean...it was TV...I could always turn this one off, too.


Basically it reinforces the LC/HF diet in layman terms that takes most of the 'tech' out of it. For everyone new to LC/HF I recommend this. For everyone who's been LC/HF for awhile...it's still informative and entertaining. If you do watch it, or some of it...lemme know what you think. Enjoy...



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