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"Cheater" Braised Short Ribs

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I had some really nice thick beef short ribs.  I usually fry the heck out of them and season as Korean Kal-Bi but, this time around, I didn't want kal-bi.


I had a can of Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce from when Kala was home from school.  I have had excellent braised short ribs over the years in various restaurants so an idea formed.


I browned the ribs on the stove in olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and a little cayenne pepper.  I then took the can of sauce and poured it into the pan and covered with foil.


I placed the pan into a pre-heated 300 degree F oven and let it bake until the meat was coming off the bone (for these it was a little over 90 minutes).  I then pulled the ribs and set aside to rest.


I had some broccoli that I had to use up so I cut up the florets into bite sized pieces and placed into the sauce on a medium stove.  I then added some cream and a little sour cream to thicken and seasoned the gravy to taste with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning.


Turned out really well.  Prep and clean up were a breeze.  I realize the canned spaghetti sauce has some carbs but they aren't a lot.


Well definitely make again.  Some peppers and onions would really complement the vegetables which could be just about anything we like.

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