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New Study Favors Fat Over Carbs

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135,335 people between 35 and 70 years old in 18 countries with a median follow-up of 7·4 years ?!  That 's a good sized sample with validated evidence.  Maybe all the powers-that-be who are involved with Diabetes Associations throughout the world will change their recommendations for LCHF.  And just maybe more lives will be saved.  Thanks for sharing this, Clint.

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I would be elated if more restaurants recognized the growing population of low carb eating.  


My diet is 100% low carb and small portion.  Tough to find that when eating out. 


I did notice at the grocery grocery the other day their are a few more "fast food" options for low carb eating.  I was in a hurry and heading to the gym, stopped at the store and found, in the prepackaged food area, a package with one prepared hard boiled egg, pistachios and small chunks of cheddar cheese.  I was thrilled to have fast food!

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5 hours ago, TX_Clint said:

I found a bag of Cheddar Chips made of just cheddar cheese in my local 7-11.


It's moon cheese, so it has 1/6 fewer carbs. 

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