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Those were the days.

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"The Diamonds"



For those of us who can remember - enjoy!


Subject: "The Diamonds"






Tom Hank's Father:

If you were alive in 1957, and old enough to enjoy Rock and Roll, you will probably remember the group, "The Diamonds" who had just launched their super hit "Little Darlin".


For you that are too young to remember - it was a time when the performers were happy, enjoying themselves, respecting their fans, dressed appropriately and their lyrics could be understood.  They did not feel obligated to scream, eat the microphone, mumble inaudible lyrics or trash the set.


In 1957, “The Diamonds” had a hit with "Little Darlin". 47 years later, they were requested to perform at Atlantic City ...

This link leads to both performances.


Watch the first one then scroll down for the new one 47 years later.


Tom Hank's father is much better looking than Tom, and even better looking with age. In the linked videos Tom Hank's father is the lead singer on the left. He still has it! Hope you enjoy.


47 years apart 2 Performances  --


http://www.flixxy.com/the- diamonds-little-darlin-1957- 2004..htm






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dowling gram

Those 2 videos bring back memories of my teen years.

An interesting tidbit about Elvis. When he first was on the Ed Sullivan show the powers that be at the network thought his movements were too suggestive and were going to ban him from TV. His emerging popularity saved him and we were graced with many wonderful performances.


What a difference 60 years make. Today anything goes stopping just short of complete nudity.

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I agree DG.. poor Elvis  was vilified for sure.

Since then Michael Jackson had a habit of grabbing his crotch & other videos  are pretty close to porn. 


Times have changed.

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Back when music was music. Musicians didn't need fireworks, crazy antics, "wardrobe malfunctions" or any other nonsense to have a huge fan base.

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