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Frustrating visit to doctor aka Listen To Me!

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Random whine fest warning.

Let me say first though, that the following does not diminish my general admiration for physicians. Especially those who listen to their patients.

I had to switch doctors this year because of changing my insurance plan. Thank goodness next year I'll be able to switch back.
I've only seen this doctor twice. The first time I thought she had already made up her mind about me before she even entered the room and saw me for the first time. I thought that she was a bit of a "w"itch. Then I thought that maybe we just hadn't got to know each other yet.

Nope. She's a "w"itch, which is a personal thing, but worse, she spent the entire time with me today trying to cram me into some mold she thought I should fit. Finally, (yes and I know she's a doctor) she really tried to feed me a bunch of baloney, quasi threatened me, and dismissed me as if I was a 5 year old telling her stuff.

On my first visit to her in April, she didn't have my medical records from my other doctor, so I filled her in how I had become borderline diabetic, had started eating a keto diet, and how from my daily BG monitoring I was very hopeful, and fairly confident that my A1C had come down. BTW, it did, went all the way down to 5.4, totally normal.
On that first visit, she asked me when I had last had various screenings, like a colonoscopy. I said I didn't know when the last one was, but that my former doctor had told me I was going due for one within the year.
She: So when did you have your last one?
Me: I don't know, but again, Dr. L. said I was just coming up due for my next one.
She: When was that?
Me: When I saw her last, about 8 months ago. 
She: And when did you have your last one?
Me: I don't know. You'll have to wait until you get my medical records. I'm letting you know what Dr. L. said.
She: Have you had one before?
Me: Shocked Yes! I've always followed all recommendations for having all screenings. I know I've had 3. 
She: 3? That would mean you had some kind of problem. When did you have the last one?
Me: (internally) Jesus Tap Dancin' Christ. (out loud) You'll have to wait to see my medical records.

She basically rolled her eyes when I said I was eating keto, and didn't want to hear how I was now eating so many more vegetables, since I had cut out fruit, breads, all dairy except for cheese, sour cream, and cream, etc. She also obviously wasn't listening when I said how I had lost (at the time) 17 pounds, since I was sure I was actually eating more calories overall, what with all the fat.

Oh well, no biggie. I was really interested how my A1C would be come this month, October. A year since starting to eat keto.

These last 3 weeks have been challenging to me, what with travel, and coming back from my travel 2 weeks ago with a cold, the cough of which still lingers.

I noticied my BG in the last 2 weeks has definately gone up. I asked here, and yeah, being sick will do that.

Plus, not feeling 100% has frankly made me not as conscientious about my diet. Nothing tastes good. It's not like I'm splurging on obviously bad choices. I've basically let some bread slip into my diet, in the form of "I'm too tired/don't care about eating, so I'll just eat that extra sandwich my husband made and decided he didn't want." The problem is that's enough to kick me out of keto, and then things just aren't right. I haven't been exercising the way I want, as I'll have coughing fits. Basically, just a crappy month.

So I go to my appt today with (as requested) a list of all my meds. Plus I jotted down 4 or 5 other items I needed to address/request. I walked in prepared.

Right off the bat, she acted  as if I was asking her for meth, rather than an antibiotic for this cough that makes my lungs burn, keeps me fatigued and forces me to take cough medicine I don't want. I toughed it out this long knowing I'd be seeing the doctor, and hoping it would have gone away by this time. From past experience, I have learned lung things don't resolve quickly with me. 

I finally just had to tell her I was tired of feeling sick, and didn't want to take another month to slowly climb out of this. I want to be aggressive and knock it out.

I then asked her to take GERD off my list of diagnosis since it had resolved itself since shortly after cutting out carbs. I quickly realized carbs had been inflaming my entire system. 
She said, like she had on the first visit, that the GERD went away because I lost weight (now 25 pounds). I said I didn't think so, as I had developed GERD at least 12 or more years ago, when my weight was quite a bit less than it is now. I also added since I eat a lot of fat, you'd think I would get heartburn, but instead I go for many hours without eating (which in itself would give me heartburn), and then eat what is a pretty large calorie and bulk wise meal.
So now according to her, the GERD went away because "I wasn't eating all the time" Rolling Eyes 

Ok, fine, whatever. 

I then asked her for a prescription re a personal matter, and she asks "Is that covered by your insurance?"

Well lady, HTH would I know? Write me a script and when I get to the pharmacy, if it costs a million dollars, I just won't get it, and will find an alternative.

She then said she was taking pre diabetes off my list, as my A1C had been 5.4, 6 months ago.
I asked if she could wait to see what my A1C was this time, as I was concerned it had gone up.

She actually said "That doesn't matter"

It doesn't matter?! One time in the past, I don't know, 5 or 6 years, my A1C was in the normal range and you don't want to wait to confirm with a 2nd test? It doesn't matter?

I guess she couldn't contain her disgust with me not fitting into her agenda anymore. She asked "So what is this you're doing? Paleo?"

No. Keto. There is a difference.

"Well" she said dismissively, "That's not a good way to eat"

Me: Why?
She: It's not healthy
Me: How?
She: You eat a lot of fat.
Me: Yes. That's why my BG is normalizing, I lost weight, my brain is clear, and I'm much less stressed. When you did my bloodwork in April, didn't my lipid panel improve all around, as well as my BG? I don't think anything was out of range, and at least a couple of things were before.
She: Eating a lot of beef is a concern re cancer.
Me: I don't eat a lot of beef. I eat wild salmon a lot though. That has a lot of fat. Most of my fat comes from avocados and avocado oil, olive oil, and eggs.
She: High fat is associated with cancer.
Me: What kind?
She: Colorectal
Me: That's why I always get colonoscopies as recommended. (zing)
She: There are other ways to loose weight. Keto is all right to lose 5 or 10 pounds, but then you need to stop (yeah, and gain it back, and more)

Then, because quite frankly I was tired of her, I said. "Look, I know nothing I'm saying will make you tell me different. The thing is, I feel better than I have in years. I was always happy, but now I'm happier. You're not listening to me when I've said I'm eating this way because of blood sugar control. Losing weight was just a by product. My mother died of diabetes, other people in my family have it. Cancer doesn't run in my family. If I had to make a choice between having cancer, and diabetes, I'd take cancer. Isn't colorectal cancer one of the easiest to cure if you catch it early? I tried for years to lose weight, nothing worked, and I gave up on that. Now weight is coming off, and I don't really care. I just feel good. I'd rather feel good than follow these recommendations that never worked for me, and feel bad. 

We didn't have much to say to each other after that.

What is so maddening is that there are physicians that have no issue with giving  advice that keep people on the constant edge of failure, instead of knowing how the body metabolizes fat so much more efficiently than other forms of food like carbs.

To celebrate my doctors visit, I came home and ate creamed spinach, an avocado, and eggs.

I then looked up colorectal cancer, and saw it's not just fat, but processed food that is a concern, and I eat a miniscule amount of processed food.

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Bless your heart, I am afraid I may have throttled her. Keep doing what you know is right for you, don't listen to her. I am proud of you.


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You have my sympathy.  I fired not only my doctor last week but the entire clinic as well.  I had finally lost it with them.


The final straw had to do with a kidnet stone.  Yep, I ended up with a kidney stone. (Urologist says I've been running significantly dehydrated for a good period of time now.  Bad me.)


Anyway, I left the ER 2 weeks ago with the diagnosis and a few prescriptions, including one for a pain killer.  For those who have never experienced one, kidney stones HURT!  Because of some down equipment and a few errors, my referral to the Urologist never went through.  It was 5 days before I got that straightened out (went over a weekend) and the earliest appointment I could get was over a week after my ER visit.


ER only gave me 10 pain pills.  5 days in and I'm down to 1 pill left and 3 more days until my urologist appointment.  I talked to his office to see if I could get a few more to tide me over until the appointment.  Note that I can currently in a lot of pain but trying to hold off on that last one until I knew when I'd get more.  Urologist didn't feel comfortable giving me the prescription until he could see me and I already had the soonest appointment.  Massively sucked but I could understand.  They gave the suggestion that I contact my GP.  They're all associated with the hospital, have access to all my records from the ER visit, etc.


So at 9:30am I call my GP office.  They'll take a message.

At 3pm I call back again.  Explain the situation again.  Explain how much I am hurting.  Tells me they'll take a message and someone will get back to me.  Told her I'd already done that.  We go back on forth and finally puts me on hold.  Comes back about 5 minutes later.


Her:  I talked to the nurse line, there's nothing we can do.

Me: What am I supposed to do then?  Its three more days until I can see the urologist and I HURT.

Her:  *sigh* hold please

and more waiting.  When she comes back

Her:  *sigh* well I guess maybe you could go to ER again (with yet another $250 copay in one week)

Me: Can I talk to a nurse

Her:  *sigh* well I guess I can take a message

Me:  We're swiftly approaching the end of the day.  When can I expect to get a call back

Her:  *sigh* maybe sometime tomorrow

At that point I hung up because I was about to go ballistic.


I found a place to give feedback and while I was writing by 2 page feedback, I found a local walk in clinic.  Another system not associated with my current one.  Out of desperation I went praying they'd believe me and not think me some druggy just trying to get more pills.


I was at that clinic about an hour.  That included me getting checked in, giving my insurance information, and waiting my turn, initial vitals and history with the nurse, time I spent with the doctor, and waiting so I could give blood/pee in a cup.


Seems they had all my ER records, saw my previous blood and urine tests, results of the CT scan etc.  She gave me a wonderful shot.  Not a narcotic but in the class of NSAIDs.  Within 15 minutes I'm in no pain at all.  It was so wonderful.  She also gave me a prescription for 10 more pain pills to tide me over (way more than what I was actually asking for).


While I was at the clinic my doctor's office called me twice.  I didn't take the call as I was mad and didn't want to interrupt the very nice doctor I was working with.  I didn't not return the call.


The next day Mr Fuzzy tells me the doctor's office had called again.  The person on the line was doing some very serious ass kissing but wouldn't go into details on the subject even though I have signed multiple forms multiple times stating that they can talk to my husband about anything and everything.  He explains how it is unlikely how I will call them back.  She sounded surprised by was still kissing some serious ass.


I've had it.  The hounded me while I had a broken ankle because I was a little late for my next checkup.  Explaining the situation on how I wasn't easily mobile at the time but would make an appointment as soon as I could.  They seemed ok on it but were back on the phone less than a week later hounding me to make the appointment.


Yet when I've had a problem, when I really needed my doctor's help, they were as useless as tits on a bull.


My daily readings start going up and up.  Doctor: you need to eat more carbs and the ADA says that anything under 180 is just fine.  Even the sheet I was given at diagnosis only said 180 was good two hours after a meal, not fasting or before meals.


I'm suffering from really bad hot flashes causing extreme lack of sleep etc.  Doctor: you shouldn't fight with nature.  Well heck, if we took that point of view, treating diabetes is fighting against nature too.  Or living past 40 in general.


However mention seasonal hay fever and they're ready to write you 5 unneeded prescriptions.  On every visit they go through the list.  This group says you're over 40 so you have to take a baby asprin every day.  This association says you're diabetic so you have to take BP meds (yet the BP heck they had just done on me had been something like 94/68.  You're diabetic and over 40 so you have to take statins regardless of the fact that my mother and her siblings have all had bad reactions to them.  And regardless of that fact that studies show that statins have been shown to increase the chance of heart attacks in post menopausal women.


By myself (and with some pointers I found on an old thread here) I figured out that my BG levels were being affected by my hormone levels.  By myself and that old thread, I figured out by myself how to treat those symptoms.  By myself and with the support of others here, I was able to get things back under control.


Why the *bleep* do I even bother if my doctor and clinic are that utterly useless.  And yes, this forum is a lot more useful than my doctor.


So anyway, I'm now on the hunt for a new doctor.  I found a local clinic that is known to support a ketogenic diet.  Its holistic.  I need to check if they're covered by my insurance.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  My only fear is that they're replace the prescription writing bug with the supplements instead.  I am not anti medication or pills, I just prefer to limit it to ones which are actually necessary and not "just because you should".


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Note:  the person I talked to at my doctor's office never offered anything.  No, I'm sorry, were just really busy today.  No suggestion that maybe you could try one of the local urgent care clinics associated with the hospital.  No explanation that a doctor or nurse practitioner would want to see me before writing the prescription.  No offer to see if she could make me an appointment.  It was like my very existence was just too much bother.

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I'm so glad you're not in pain right now Kit.


Yeah, that moment when you get a shot, and suddenly your whole body gets that wave of relief. Priceless.


Yes too, that I have learned more about diabetes, ketogenic diets and more, here than at any medical professionals. Plus the support.


This doctor I was talking about doesn't give a crap about me getting cancer, even if that was likely. She just wants me to follow some what I consider some "magazine article diet" because she's so uninformed about the ease (after  you get keto adjusted), health benefits and overall positive way of life keto entails. She also doesn't give another crap about diabetes either.


What really ticks me off is knowing that someone maybe younger or less confindent of their abilities to take care of their own health, follows like sheep advice that stands on the shakey ground of "the doctor said so"


Don't get me started on the ADA.


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BTW Kit, thanks for turning me onto creamed spinach.


I just finished off a one skillet meal of creamed spinach, mushroom, tomato and egg.


My tummy haz the happys.


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