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Kalpana Sharma

Exercise tips for people with Diabetes Should Follow

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Kalpana Sharma

•    Do not start with very high goals.
•    Look at the big picture. Maintaining a physically active life would help you manage your diabetes better.
•    A brisk walk for 30 minutes a day is a great way to start your exercise regimen.
•    For elderly diabetics, yoga or tai chi for about 30 minutes is a better option. This would help avoid nerve damage.
•    If you have taken your diabetes medications, be sure that you consume some carbohydrates in order to avoid hypoglycaemia.
•    If you are dependent on insulin, it is better to measure your sugar level before exercise. If your sugar level is/below 70 mg/dl, take carbohydrates.
•    For high intensity exercises, it is better to consume extra carbohydrates, or carry an energy bar along with you.
•    Weight training is highly beneficial and should be done with 10 to 15 repetitions in order to avoid muscle wastage. Muscle wastage leads to poor blood glucose control.
•    During physical activity, it is important to wear proper diabetic footwear in order to avoid foot injuries.

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here is my problem even mildly strenuous exercise  drives my BG up over 40 points.  Now what?

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