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Tracy Ponton


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I am not on insulin t2 diet and exercise only. But i don't really see how  insulin could cause numbness in your feet, but spiking BG can. Before I was diagnosed my feet woke me up at night, with tingling.  High BG nuropethy, which fortunately subsided with good BG control.

how about people who use insulin, has that happened to you?


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I also dont see how it cold  be the insulin. Its probably peripheral neuropathy from  having high blood glucose.

Once you get  your A1c down with regular reduced blood glucose  your feet could most likely recover.

Mine did, but like Fraser, I dont take any meds just using correct nutrition & exercise  to control my D.


Welcome to the forums, I hope you stay by & post often.


Clint, what does this mean...

1 hour ago, TX_Clint said:

Call me Tom.


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No, I don't think that insulin can cause numbness in your feet.  Your body produces insulin, so if insulin caused numbness in your feet, everyone would have numbness in their feet.


I use insulin, and I am a type 2, and I started on insulin because I was getting numbness in my feet when I was in bed.  When I started using insulin, that numbness went away and was replaced with pain.  The pain was due to the nerves in my feet repairing themselves from the damage that they incurred from me having high glucose levels.  The pain went away after about two weeks, and my feet have been fine ever since.

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Insulin does not cause numbness in your feet. It's the diabetes and it can be made worse with higher blood sugars. How have your blood sugars been running? Is there room for improvement? Also, exercise can help.


And finally, diabetes is not the only thing that can cause this, so you need to check with your doc.

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