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Testing targets

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First a little history. I am 61 years old and about 6 years ago my fasting number was 123 so my Doc had me do a test where you go to the lab, get blood drawn then go eat a normal lunch with an apple for dessert and do another draw an hour or two after. Numbers came back good and was told I was definitely not diabetic however I started on a low carb diet and exercise and was able to get my fasting numbers down in the 80's. Doc said if I keep eating what I please I would most likely develop t-2. I did keep an eye on carbs for a long time however I did relax that for the last two years and when I went in for my yearly blood work in Aug. of this year my fasting number was 115. I live in an area that is known for its peaches and melons so I was eating a lot of fruit and not watching my diet at all which is why the numbers may have been that high and ended up at 115. I decided it was time to purchase a meter so I could test to see what foods spike my numbers. I also did a test to check my rebound after eating 75 grams of straight carbs. Heres what I did, I took my fasting when I woke up which was at 105 then ate 3 pieces of  regular bread which was 75 grams of carbs and nothing else. After 1 hour it was 142, 2 hours later it was 103 then at three hours it went to 109, then took a walk and tested at 101. This was on 12/2/17. Since then I have increased my exercise from walking briskly for 2 miles a day to include basic calisthenics like pushups, sit ups and stretches and eliminated potatoes, bread and beer with no sweets and seem to stay at 85 during the day now 12/14/17 with my morning numbers staying under 99 and are around 95.



From others experience was my recovery from 142 to 103 after 1 hour of a high carb only meal good? If I stay with the program of watching carbs and exercise my numbers are usually great and I can get them to stay in the 80's. My big question is what would be good numbers after eating a meal? I would like to come up with a diet that doesn't allow me to go to high after eating a meal and returning to under 99. Here's an example of what I did the other day, my wife made some muffins made with ground up almonds and nutmeg with no flour and some pumpkin soup. I had a cup of the soup and one muffin, test results are as follows, Before I ate 85 1 hour later it was 99 then 2 hours was 118 and at 3 hours it was 83 which I think is pretty good and what I should be aiming for. I am just looking for a guideline for a goal in managing my numbers. Also I have lost 9 pounds since watching what I eat and should lose about 15 more pounds to be at my healthy weight. What should my numbers be after eating and 2 to 3 hours later to maintain and keep my numbers within the normal range? Also is it ok to stray a tiny bit with the numbers and recovery I have as the holidays are upon us?


I really want to be proactive about this and avoid the issues T-2 can cause. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Steve,


If I haven't said already, welcome to the group.  It sounds like you are getting an excellent start on things.


As for goals.


According to the CDC, the potential for complications due to diabetes drops to near that of non diabetics at an A1C of under 6.0.


In general, the goals to reach that are

Fasting or pre meals below 100

1 hour below 140

2 hours below 120.

I have heard that anything above 140 can start to cause damage.



For a truly non diabetic, non insulin resistant person, the numbers are more like

Fasting and pre meals 70-92

Under 120 at 1 hour

Under 100 at 2 hours

A1C between 4.6 and 5.4.

My lab test say that "normal" for A1C is between 4.0 and 5.6.


I personally try to aim for the 2nd set of goals.  I don't always make it, but I try.  :)


Weather or not there is an improvement in the potential for complications between the two, I can't really say.  But since my family is full of diabetics with complications, I try for the tighter control.



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Thanks Kit. Here's a sample of how my numbers are going. Yesterday evening I was at 86 before supper. Had meatballs and a salad. The meatballs are mixed with crushed rice checks as my wife is gluten free and it looks like I am doing good according to the second set of goals you listed. Before supper 86 1 hr. 94, 2 hr.103 and 3 hr. 93 and stayed there this am wake up at 93. My numbers seem to stay in the 80's during the day but it seems like my 1 hr. numbers are always lower than my 2 hr. then drop back down after 3 hours. I am so glad I purchased a meter ( Relion Prime ) to actually know where I stand so I can keep an eye on things and have the ability to test and correct things as they go. I am hoping I caught this early enough so I can maintain good numbers so this doesn't get away from me. Have to say, since watching my carb intake and exercising I am losing weight and feel great with the energy I'd like to have to do all the things I like. I plan on hitting some good mountain hiking trails to add to my regimen as I live in Western Colorado where we have a lot of them with different degrees of difficulty.

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Steve - Great to hear.  Exercise helps me greatly.  I notice my numbers start to creep up if I can't exercise.  Just basic walking will do it for me.  Just need to be out and moving around.

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