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FreeStyle Libre

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I got it this week.  I am not getting good readings.  It is reading super low and my blood glucose meter is reading higher.  I need assistance in making a key.  I read they are not going to be the same but they are way apart.  like 40-50points.

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I am 5 weeks into the Libre.  


I like the convienience. Particularly in the middle of the night.


I like the trend arrow and the continuous data.  It is very usefull.


I agree that it seems to read lower than my current meter.    BUT IT SEEMS VERY CONSISTANT.  I am thinking that a % adjustment value is a reasonable way to calculate an insulin dose.

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Anyone get insurance coverage on it?  I am thinking of switching to it if my insurance covers it.  I also read that there is limited supply of sensors available many times back ordered due to demand, is this true?

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