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cancer question

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Hello friends, I've been thinking about that fat-cancer links such as a high fat diet increase your risk for cancer that cancer is usually found in soft tissues, obesity is a risk for cancer. You never hear about heart or other muscle cancer. So does cancer only occur in fat or are there incidences of cancer in muscle? Does cancer ever occur in muscle tissue? Please answer me. Thank you in advance.

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dowling gram

Ever hear of prostate cancer. The prostate is made up of

glandular cells--a cell that produces fluid

smooth muscle cells

and stomal cells which are connective tissue


No fat cells at all in the prostate that I know of so that may give you the answer. There are other cancers in places in the body that you can get cancer that seems to me would have very few if any fat cells--like oral cancer or larynx cancer or lung cancer.

As for obesity being a risk of cancer. It is also a risk for a lot of other diseases. Organs in the obese have to work twice as hard as they do in a normal weight person

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