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Happy Birthday PrincessLinda

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Happy Birthday to our Highness ............Princess Linda



The love and respect we have for you is enduring in your presence or in your absence.



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Thank you everyone.  This birthday was "odd," as I turned 54, the same age my mom was when she died.    I know I've not been around much.  Life has truly happened in the last several months.  My husband's diagnosis of cancer the end of June threw us both for a loop.  Right now, he has had no recurrences, though we have a very regular follow up.


On Christmas Eve, my brother-in-law whom I have spoke of often here, went into cardiac arrest at his home.  My sister and their oldest daughter did CPR until paramedics arrived.  He was taken to hospital and was in ICU for 12 days, where he again coded.  He had a pacemaker and defibrillator placed.  He was in the hospital 36 days in all, and my time was spent working, picking up their youngest from school and taking her to see her dad in the hospital.   As of now, he is "holding his own."  He's our "miracle man," and we are thankful for the time we have with him.


So, thanks one and all for remembering me...and my birthday.  Still fighting the good fight as far as diabetes is concerned.  Glad to have this birthday behind me.

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Linda, I'm honored to celebrate your 54th. 


You are the epitome of love & nurturing to all you have contact.

You have given so much to this forum & are still helping through archived posts.

Many times I see 'guests' reading of acanthosis nigricans or kidney issues  where your guidance is featured.

Sharing your struggles with your mum not taking D control has surely helped many.


I'm sorry health scares still touch you with your husband & BIL and hope they never have a set back.


May 2018 be kind to you.

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