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Unexplained lower BG levels???

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I  am 72 and have been a pre diabetic for 15 years and monitoring my BG levels on a regular basis before and after meals.

Have never been on any diabetes meds.
For the last 6 mos I have not been paying attention to my diet and have made no efforts to limit my carbs intake. 

Amazingly for some unknown reason my BG readings have significantly lowered when tested 1 and 2 hrs after meals.  

My latest A1c  also reflects this change at  5.5 when it has been  in the 5.8 to 6.2 range for 15 years while I was watching my carb intake .


There has been no increased exercise and a significant increase in carbs for the last 6 months so I'm at a loss for why the change in my BG levels.


 Is it possible my pancreas is producing more insulin now?  Any guesses as to what may possibly been going on to lower my BG levels??

Thanks for any insights you might furnish

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No explanation but that is great news!  Diabetes (and pre-diabetes) is NOT a disease.  It is a clinical description for having elevated blood glucose due to some other underlying process.


I suppose it is entirely possible that whatever was responsible for your condition is no longer present.



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