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Fathead dough - anyone have experience?

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So, a friend and I are going to be getting together one weekend soon and she wants me to make us pizza using the fathead dough.  Sounds like a great excuse for me to finally give it a try, but I do have a couple of questions.


1)  While pretty mild, she does have an almond allergy.  She says as long as she takes an antihistamine she's ok, but if I can do something that won't set off her allergies, I think that would be better.  She is not allergic to coconut.


I see recipes for both almond flour and coconut flour such as here - https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/fat-head-pizza where you can exchange the almond flour with 1/4 cup coconut flour.  However I am aware that the texture can change and it be more eggy.  Has anyone tried both before and have comments on the differences of taste and texture?  Sadly I am not going to have the time to play with this myself before we get together.


2)  While we're on the subject, does anyone have a favorite fathead dough recipe?  I've noticed there are a number of small variations out there.  If you have a favorite, please feel free to jump in and say something.  :)

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Well, after a few failed attempts, we finally got a chance to get together for the long weekend.


We decided to go with the coconut crust.  We used this recipe here



It was actually pretty easy to put together, and this was the first try.  Baked it first and it looked wonderful.




As you can see, the recipe nearly filled one of those pizza pans.  I sprinkled some italian seasoning on top.  I had intended to mix it into the dough, but forgot until after it was all formed.  I just used my hands/fingers to spread it out.  Pretty easy to work with, though it helps a whole lot to make sure you hands and fingers stay damp.  Otherwise it tends to want to stick to you.  :)  Oh, and I aimed for a thin crust pizza.


We actually let the crust sit and cool for a good half hour before topping and baking again.  The idea was that as the cheese and egg cooled, it would develop more structure.  And it did.  By the end of the half hour, I could handle the crust almost just like you would any precooked pizza crust.  I also flipped the crust over so the top you see above became the bottom.


And here's the end result.




As I had specified crust and pizza sauce, my friend got to have control over the toppings.  It was a lot heavier than I would do for myself.  Onions, mushrooms, peppers, and sausage.  And lots and lots of cheese.


Take away.

While the outer half of the crust was nice and crispy and sturdy, the center area didn't have as much structure.  There are a few possible reasons.  It may have needed to be cooked longer.  However I was nervous to do so since I didn't want to burn the outer portion.  I may also have done a poor job forming the dough and left the center thicker than the rest of it.  Or maybe a combination of both.


Next time I think I want to make 2 smaller pizzas instead of one large and pay more attention to the center thickness.  Maybe this will help the structure a bit.


Overall, it was pretty good.  Next time I'm going to mix the sauce with more olive oil to cut down on carbs a little.  Or maybe a pesto sauce with some crumbled goat cheese and caramelized onions.


This particular recipe called for 2 eggs instead of the 1 for almond flour.  I've seen others that just call for 1 egg with coconut flour.  I might try that to see how things change.


Oh, for pizza sauce I used Muir Glen pizza sauce in a can.  A little expensive, but good ingredients, no bad oils, sugars, etc.  And it means I didn't have to make one from scratch.  However I think it needed a little doctoring with some additional garlic and maybe oregano and rosemary.  It definitely needed more garlic.  We had forgotten garlic when we hit the store that day sadly and were too lazy/tired to run out again for it.


Oh, and the pictures interested Mr Fuzzy enough that he may give it a try sometime.  :D

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There is a low carb pizza in the stores, crust is ground chicken and cheese.  the centers also tend not to cook well.  

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