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Dexcom G5 app on Iphone - can it be turned off?

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I've been using the G5 CGM for about a month now.

It's nice to use the G5 app on my Iphone rather than the receiver, as that is one less thing in my pocket.

But it does eat up the phone battery.

When I am out in the woods with no cell service I like to put the phone in airplane mode so that the battery will last.

Airplane mode kills the Bluetooth and the G5 app complains LOUDLY. When I close the app normally, tap tap on the Home button and swipe it away, it turns itself back on. Probably a safety "feature" to keep me from accidently turning it off.


I can uninstall the app. But then I have to set it all back up when I want it on the phone again.


So, Does anybody know of a way to turn the app off without removing it from the phone?


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I haven't found a way to turn it off but when I'm in airplane mode I turn Bluetooth back on so the Dexcom stays connected. Should save you the battery time you need since the phone won't continue searching for service.

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