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Confused about Metformin

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I was prescribed Metformin yesterday.  When reading about the precautions and side effects, I noticed the warning about getting CT scans and such. 

I asked the pharmacist when I picked it up about my concern with taking my iodine supplement for my thyroid and the Metformin. 


After several minutes with a line behind me, she just said don't take it with the Metformin.  Not sure if she just wanted to be on safe side and tell me no and get the line moving behind me.  


I have reached out to the doctor and waiting for her input but wanted some input from others as well.  I am torn between starting this new med and going off of the iodine that is helping with my thyroid issue. 





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Welcome!  Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge to comment directly on your question.  The doctor and pharmacist would be your best sources of information.


If you have been recently diagnosed, you might find that you can control your glucose with diet and exercise.  I was prescribed Metformin when first diagnosed with diabetes but have been able to stop taking it completely.


I hope you decide to join us.  ~ Mike

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