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Cold soups for hot weather

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I swear there was a thread at one point where people were talking about cold soups and how Gazpacho soup was too carby, but I can't find it.  I just happened to run across this today and thought others might be interested.


Low Carb Yogurt Dill Cucumber Soup



There's also a recipe for Gazpacho coming in at 10g carbs per serving.


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dowling gram

I don't like cold soup so I never eat it. I know where you live it must be welcome but we don't get that much excessively hot weather. On the few hot days we get I like to have a cold meal but it consists of deviled eggs, cold meat like ham or roast beef and salads. Our nights usually cool off even if it's hot during the day so I do my cooking early in the morning or the night before when it's cooler.


Right now we could use a few warm days. It's been unseasonably cool this year and I'm waiting for shorts weather

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