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Pre-type 1 in a 6 year old

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Hi everyone, not sure if this is even the right spot to post. I might cross post. I am reaching out for opinion and support. My son is 6 years old and very small for his age. (39 pounds now. Was 42 2 weeks ago and is the average height of a 4 year old.) we have a history of type 1 in our family. (Yes I know it’s not passed down, just heightens the risk ) anyway my son has been showing signs. Small signs. So back in December we had a A1c checked and it was 5.5. We had it check again last week and it’s now 5.8 and he tested positive for 2 or 3 antibodies (I know at least 2 but I think she said 3) but he has resently experience a lot of the symptoms more. Ex. Wetting the bed agian (going pee more often) asking for water all the time, complaining of headaches. And nausea after eating something sweet. Moody and a few other things. I need to say he DOES NOT EAT REGULAR FOOD. He has a strong oral eversion and is picky on what he eats. He drinks a supplement drink. The drink is low carbs and sugar. We live out in the middle of nowhere and the only pediatric endocrinologist is 2 hours away and so booked we can’t get into him till August. We are working on finding another one sooner. We hope to find one today that will see him soon. His doctor diagnosed him with pre type 1 or developing type 1. I was always under the impression you can’t have pre type 1. I just want some opinions and thoughts. Not looking for dx or anything like that. Just looking for experience or someone who knows more about it than I do. Any tips I should know?

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