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American toddlers are eating more sugar than the maximum amount recommended for adults

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6 hours ago, janice21475 said:

Poor little kids. . . . What can we do?


If parents of newborns knew how addictive sugar was...they would treat it like any other drug their children is exposed to. Sugar cane was the number one reason that slaves were brought to America...to harvest the huge plantations. When Post, Kelloggs and General Mills started adding sugar coating to their cereals...their sales went up almost 6 fold. As one example, Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, created in 1953, had 56% sugar by weight. They still sell sugar-coated cereals...but you won't find the word "Sugar" in the name of the cereal anymore.

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There's a really simple way to see is sugars can be addictive.  Observe the behavior of people when you tell them they shouldn't eat it.


Just about everyone agrees that eating sugar isn't good for us.  But suggest they actually stop and they'll fight tooth and nail.  I've actually had friends get emotionally upset when I tell them I no longer eat any sugar.

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If I eat something with sugar in it, I experience the sugar high quite intensely.  Yes, it is an enjoyable high.  I also remember not experiencing it when practically everything I ate had sugar in it.  I suppose, tolerance is developed, as with many drugs.


I must admit that, for me, it makes the rare dessert made with sugar that much more enjoyable.  I don't drink sodas or anything to chase it.


And yes, not worth losing limbs over it so it is a very rare treat indeed.

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Twice this past weekend when getting drinks for my 5 and almost 3 year olds I was warned "We don't have sweet tea...are you sure?"  And once when getting tea out of a cooler an older lady told me twice and I think almost reached out to stop me from getting unsweetened tea thinking there was no way a child would drink it.


Nope... our girls have never had sweet tea, and they love unsweetened just fine.

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