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Another place gone, maybe...

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Mike your title  reminded me of a view I saw years ago of a town that had gone, leaving  the remnants  such as  brick chimneys & fences.

I doubt even plastic would remain after all  that lava covering your missing town. 


In the 50's  it was decided to expand the Hume Weir in Victoria &  the little town of Tallangatta was moved 5 miles / 8km  away .

When I was there as a tourist, it was in a  drought so the water was very low exposing these structures.


These days the authorities just  " acquire " ones land giving a pittance in compensation. 

Back in the 1950's they were more compassionate & created a similar township by  actually moving the houses & businesses  to it .

They even made repairs &  painted the houses.

I just found these two links.

One being of an  old timer reflecting on the move & the other showing images .




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