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Creamy Pesto, Dill, and Lemon Salmon with Pesto Zoodles

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I kind of cobbled this up last night and it turned out really good.


First off, I was a new spiralizer.  Its the Cuisinart brand and is, IMO, a piece of junk.  It doesn't exactly spiralize so much as very very thinly shave.  So while there are 3 different sizes, they are just tissue paper thin shaves cut at different widths.  Its also really bulky, can't handle anything longer than about six inches, and wastes almost a half inch of product each time.  When you have to cut a zucchini into 3 pieces in order to spiralize, that's a LOT of wasted zucchini.  Oh, and it was a total pain in the rear to clean afterwards.  It took me a half hour to spiralize 2 small zucchini.  My cheap little hand held pencil sharpener type is so much smaller, quicker, easier, and leaves next to no waste at all.  I'm keeping it.




You can see in the above pic that the zoodles almost look like a pile of mush instead of nice individual noodle shapes.  They weren't mush, but the texture was totally wrong.  The flavor was still excellent however.



So, the recipe is pretty simple.


In a skillet I added some butter, olive oil, and a clove of garlic smashed and brought up to about medium high heat.  I seasoned the salmon with salt, pepper, and some dried dill  (didn't have fresh).  Cooked on one side until you could see the salmon change color on the sides about half way up.  Flipped and let cook for a few more minutes until it was done.  Tossed a little lemon juice into the pan after flipping.


Once salmon is done, remove from pan and allow to rest.  Added a spoonful of pesto and mixed in well with the butter/olive oil/garlic left in the pan.  Turned off heat, added a spoonful of sour cream and dill  mix well.  Pour over salmon.  My pan was still too hot when I added the sour cream so it split a little on me.  I would have actually used hwc, but didn't have any and the sour cream worked pretty well.


The zoodles were also simple.  Again a skillet with butter/olive oil/garlic.  On medium high heat,  saute sliced fresh mushrooms until near done.  Add in zoodles and stir fry zoodles until they start to soften.  Add in pesto (I did a large spoonful) and stir until hot and the zoodles are well coated.  Turn off heat and add a little parm cheese.


Changes for next time:

Make my own pesto

Add thin sliced red bell pepper to zoodles

Make better zoodles

Make sure pan has cooled off a bit before adding sour cream



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Oh, one last change.  In order to create some flavor contrast I would not add pesto to the sauce for the salmon if serving with pesto zoodles.  Instead I should have added a little more lemon instead for a brighter flavor with the fish.

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