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About to lose my mind...

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Okay, so I want to make this a very detailed thread because I swear i'm going to lose my mind if I don't figure out what is going on.


I will start with yesterdays food, insulin and reading and follow into today because i think the more information available the easier it is for someone to help.


Yesterdays timeline:


4:26 am: BS 104 - Meal of 1 serving oatmeal with 1 cup frozen strawberries & 2 pieces plain lite wheat toast. 54 carbs. Took 5 units Novolog prior to meal.

5:48 am: BS 198

6:39 am: BS 217

9:32 am: BS 199

11:14 am: BS 180

11:38 am: Meal - exactly the same meal as breakfast 54 carbs and 5 units Novolog.

went to bed: i work nights

7:26 pm: fasting BS 206

7:39 pm : went to gym, 1 hour 2.5 miles on treadmill - BS after 207

9:39 pm: BS 215 - Meal of grilled tuna steak (2 tbs tartar sauce with lite mayo) with 1 cup brown rice and 1 cup mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots, snap peas) - 6 units Novolog

11:43 pm: 18 units Lantus

11:44 pm: BS 257

1:02 am: BS 261 - correction dose Novolog 2 units

3:15 am: BS 257 - correction dose Novolog 2 units

5:16 am: BS 153

6:19 am: BS 114

6:49 am Meal 3 fried eggs (fried in olive oil) strawberry smoothie( 1 cup strawberry, 3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt, almond milk) 2 pieces lite wheat bread with reduced sugar jelly. 55 carbs - 6 units Novolog

8:02 am: BS 142

9:09 am: BS 106

9:15 am: snack Glucerna mini snack bar - 11 carbs

10:04 am: BS 82

10:15 am: snack mini strawberry smoothie 20 carbs

10:27 am: BS 73

11:06 am: BS 117

went to bed

6:48 pm: fasting BS 143

7:24 pm: Meal Lite turkey sandwich ( 2 pieces lite wheat bread, lite mayo and 4 pieces lite deli turkey) 1/2 cup 1% fat cottage cheese, berry smoothie (1 cup mixed frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberry and blackberry, 3/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt, almond milk) - 6 units Novolog

8:29 pm: BS 233

9:23 pm: BS 254


I am so confused why it's like my Novolog isnt working and then in early morning it's like it all kicks in and I go low. This is a similar pattern daily and I go to the gym 7 days a week.




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Steve, I'm sorry Ive not really concentrated on Novolog & its effects as I'm type2 & not on any meds.

What does concern me is the huge amount of carbs that you consume. You would require an awful lot of insulin to balance those carbs

All those " lite" & non fat products are packed with carbs to make them taste almost OK.


Lets hope someone will log in soon & discuss your issue.

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I agree with Adiantum.....you are eating way too many carbs.  I typically eat less than 50 carbs a DAY, not at each meal.  You are eating a lot of the wrong foods....bread (it doesn't matter if it's white bread, wheat bread, or any other type of bread),  rice,  reduced sugar jelly, oatmeal, too many berries ( a cup?....really?), etc.  I'm a type 2 on insulin, and if I ate what you eat every day, I'd be dead by now.  You need to cut down the amount of carbs you eat, and that will allow you to use less insulin, and it will also keep your glucose levels from spiking so high.  From what you said that you are eating, it sounds as if you are eating in excess of 200 carbs a day, and that is well above what most of us here eat.


Try eliminating the bread, rice, oatmeal, jelly, and cut down on how many strawberries, or any other type of berries that you eat, and see how that affects your glucose levels.

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Thank you for the replies and now i am even more confused.


EVERYTHING I read says that oatmeal and strawberries are two of the best foods for diabetics.


If you have cut carbs so low what are you replacing them with? If the answer is fats i am not convinced that is healthy at all.


you have to get calories from somewhere and fats are not the answer.


As far as carbs, every DR and pretty much all the medical "experts" recommend around 150 carbs per day. They are all wrong? 


I am open to anything that will help stabilize my BS but not by sacrificing health later by slamming fats.


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Steve fat has been given an undeserved  bad  wrap . Carbs are the enemy not fat.

Some doctors & nutritionists are coming around to realise it.


Look at a few members activity level & their A1c's... @meyery2k & @Fraser for starters.

150 carbs a day is for people that dont  need their feet.


I've also sung the praises of high fat & low carb diet is because all those I have known  who avoided fat now have dementia.

The brain needs fat.


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Steve, like Adiantum said, fats are good for you, and by that, we mean the good fats, not the poly unsaturated fats.  Some of the good fats are.....eat the skin on chicken, eat the fat on steaks and pork, don't use margarine or those spreads, use real butter, use olive oil liberally, eat avocados, etc.  Eating the good fats will make you feel full, so you will have less chance of feeling hungry.  Any doctor that tells you to eat 150 carbs a day, is only telling you what they learned in medical school, and what they learned is wrong.  If you don't believe us, all you have to do is to use your glucose meter to check on your glucose levels after eating low carb, high fat (LC/HF) foods.  Your meter will tell you what you can and can't eat.  No doctor can tell you that, since we are all different, and what one diabetic can eat, the next can't.


I know that this information will be hard for you to believe because, all of your life you have been told the opposite, but ask any member here who had the same beliefs that you have when they first got here, and they will tell you the same things that we are telling you.  If you listen to most of the doctors out there and do what they tell you to do, well, you will suffer from complications from diabetes....lose a foot or a leg, go blind, have kidney failure, and end up dying.  For some stupid reason, doctors refuse to listen to those of us diabetics who know what we are doing, so they keep giving out bad information about treating your diabetes.


Look, all you have to do is to try what we are telling you and see how it works out for you.  Once you try it, you will see that we are right, and the doctors are wrong....I mean, what do you have to lose if you try what we are telling you?  Try it out for 3-4 months, then see what your blood test results are.  This forum wasn't designed to hurt diabetics, it was designed to help them, and everyone that has come here has found that what we are saying is true, so why not try it?

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EVERYTHING does not say you need to eat 50 carb meals Read Bernstein’s book. 


Steel cut oatmeal is recommended for diabetics, not any oatmeal.  You might look into understanding glycemic index,  it seems that many of your choices are heavy into fast acting carbs.  Which are just harder to control.  Being a type 1 (or  1.5) you need to control your bg with insulin.  I am a T2 on diet and exercise only, so I really cant help you.  There are some people in this group that can help but most of us are T2. 


To be brutally honest your high BG numbers should be your first concern, they will do the most damage.


FYI. For 10 years i have been eatin LCHF,  no meds, 30 carbs a day. I exercise, including running.  All my numbers are great. 


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When I was first diagnosed (as a Type 2), I read everything I could find about diabetes.  Yes, many sites recommended whole grains and fruit as part of a good diet.  I found this site and read through many of the articles.  My biggest take-a-way was that carbs are readily converted to glucose.  Since I had too much glucose already, why would I eat things that contributed to that?


Having nothing to lose except glucose, I decided to try low carb/high fat.  Almost immediately, I saw good results.  Fasting BG less than 100 consistently (I was around 300 before).  A1C was 8.5, was in the 5's within 6 months and is now consistently below 5.  Lost over 100 pounds.  Cholesterol and BP are good.  I have been off medication for over 1 year and the doctor has said that my diabetes is in remission.


Many here that use insulin will explain that eating carbs just sets up a roller coaster much like you are describing.  The gist of the articles they present are that eating fewer carbs means less spiking.  This also means less insulin needs to be used.


What you want to look for are carbs that offer nutrition.  Generally speaking, non-root vegetables are good.  Avoid sugar, pasta, bread, fruit, rice, and grains.  Read labels.  Count carbs.  When you find you are getting a handle on this, you can then try small amounts of berries and other things to see how they affect you.


An example of breakfast for me...

2 or 3 slices of bacon (ok usually 3) or some other protein

vegetables (daikon, mushrooms, diakon, eggplant, among others) fried up in the bacon grease.  A little sour cream on top

(2) large eggs cooked in better with some cheese

unsweetened almond milk with 28g Heavy Whipping Cream



Lunch is a high quality protein with vegetables or a salad


Dinner is usually cheese, nuts, salad, or vegetables.


I avoid low fat products since carbs are added to them to make them taste better.


I have excellent lipids and BG.  Weight is stable (I lost over 100 pounds on this diet).  I can run 10k runs, swim, ride a bike 100+ miles.  


Direct observation has proven this diet is much better for me than the diet the food pyramid would suggest.


I understand your skepticism.  I had it at first too.  All I can suggest is that you give it a try and see.

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Steve, I'm T1 so maybe can offer a bit more.  But first, let me parrot what has been said.  Those are a LOT of carbs.


My first guess as to what is happening (and it is a guess, but I think you should test it) is that your basal rate (Lantus) is probably too high, or you need to split your Lantus into two doses.  Morning and Evening.  In theory, Lantus is supposed to work steady for 24 hours, but many find that is not quite the case and it has spikes in how it effects you.  I also supsect that if you were fasting and had not done any novolog your blood sugar would be falling most times of the day.


Next, everyone's I:C ratio is a bit different, but this seemed strange to me 1:02 am: BS 261 - correction dose Novolog 2 units

I'd be taking close to 8 units to bring down a 261.  I feel like I am on much shakier ground with this advice.. but a 2 unit shot of novologI do not htink should drop your levels by 160 points assuming you wanted to come down to 100.


Finally, how long have you been T1.5?  Some adult onset people maintain some pancreas function for a long time.  6 months to 1.5 years I've heard after diagnosis.  So if you're in that ballpark, maybe your honeymoon period is coming to an end.

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Like most of us, you've been taught to drink the low-fat high carb kool aid. Eventually we've figured out it's the carbs that will kill us and not the fat.


Start by looking at the label of your non-fat greek yogurt, and compare it side by side with full fat unflavored greek yogurt. Adjust for serving size if needed and look at the carbs and fat. When they remove the fat, the carbs (lactose) stay behind making up a higher percentage. The lite mayo is worse; they purposely add carbs to replace the fat. Glucerna with it's slow release carbs? Slow or fast, carbs end up in your blood. Let's sell carbs to diabetics and opioids to addicts, great ways to make money; not a path to health. 


Above, I see your response to Hammer's concern about early death, is that you don't want to be unhealthy. Healthy and dead isn't my goal, is it really yours? I don't think it even meets my definition.


Everything you've read? You clearly haven't read much here. Google LCHF, and you'll have many days of reading.




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I've learned even the steel cut oats with strawberries significantly spike my BG, if I eat too large of a serving (e.g., 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 1/2 strawberries).  I still have the steel cut oats once in a while, but a more normal serving size (1/4 cup steel cut oats, 1/4 strawberries).  I'm sticking to LC - elevation of my BG is usually relatively mild (<40pts) one hour after eating.

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