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Insulin Neuritis / Diabetic Cachectic Neuropathy

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Hi All,

If you've had Insulin Neuritis (aka Treatment Induced Neuropathy of Diabetes) or Diabetic Cachectic Neuropathy after starting insulin treatment for Type 1, can you tell me how it affected you, how you treated it, and how long it lasted?  Also, how did you go about getting a diagnosis?


My husband's primary care physician believes this is what is happening to my husband and I'm just very worried about him and how long he'll be in the type of pain he's in.  This seems to be a pretty rare complication from starting insulin treatment and lowering your glucose levels too quickly in a short amount of time and I found some information about it online, but not much.   His endocronologist and neurologist didn't seem to know anything about these conditions but his GP did some research and thinks this is what's going on with him.    He's got sudden onset of pain/neuropathy in his abdomen and feet, with terrible fatigue and anxiety/depression and weight loss all starting weeks after his blood sugar was under control. MRIs, CT-scans and blood tests all came back normal (but his B12 level was a bit low,  at 400..doctor has given him B12 shot and he's taking daily supplements).  Keep in mind this is someone who is a 39 year old male who ran the Chicago marathon this past fall but he's suddenly acting like he's 90 because of all the pain and fatigue after starting insulin treatment and getting his numbers under control. His A1C went from 11.1 in mid-May 2018 to 7.8 in early July 2018.  


Any information or feedback you can give me would be much appreciated.  Would love to hear from people who have experience this and recovered. 

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Hi, Welcome to the forum.

How long ago was your husband diagnosed?

Ive not heard of  insulin induced neuropathy but am looking outside the square.

I wonder if he's recently been diagnosed & the honeymoon period has ended hence the recent lethargy .

Another thought is that neuropathy was bound to happen with those high A1c's & now is that time regardless of the insulin.

An A1c of 7.8  is still  too high & yes.. he'd be feeling 90yrs old with that A1c.


I used to have neuropathy but that's totally gone since my A1c is 6.1


Apart from depending upon insulin alone,  what diet does he follow?

Do you count carbs ?


Please keep logging in, as I'm putting all my hopes in that we can get him to be feeling better.


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Insulin Neuritis (aka TIND - Treatment Induced Neuropathy of Diabetes)


Interesting new words to describe my experience 44-years ago as a young adult.  However... running the Chicago Marathon was *not* my gig - kudos to your husband, but sorry for the neuropathy pain recently.  Lots to read out there about these terms.  It seems that pain is generally a function of nerve myelin sheath damage.   Management to better blood sugar levels seems to also cause myelin recovery and reduced pain.


So, it seems that these conditions *do* recover according to the literature out there.  The literature seems to say that a more gradual decrease of blood sugar levels (over a 6-month period versus 3-months) can be less painful, but...  that train has left the station for your husband.


Tell us more as you know more and thanks for the education, i.e. new terminology.

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