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Why the sudden drop in my son's average daily units

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Mom of 18 year old pumper.  Two months ago was averaging between 86.5 and 99 units per day.  Now, suddenly using avg of 72-76 units per day.  Generally, non-compliant and the diet is far worse now than it was 2 months ago.  Blood sugars appear to be relatively the same....a few more now in the target range than previously although, no lows.  So, I am assuming alcohol consumption,  but can alcohol impact #s so much that insulin decreases would be that great?  I see varying online opinions on marijuana's effect on bs.  I assume the munchies make the actual effect hard to identify.  Have done bg spot checks and his numbers are typical for him (read: way too high 200).  In the same ranges as when he was taking much more insulin.  Weight has remained rather consistent.  No other meds.  I know that he might be running super high and I am not catching it, but I don't see (or smell)  indications of 400+ sugar.  Any other things (elicit drugs) that could cause blood sugar to naturally go down?


Thanks for any insight!!  

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Welcome to the forum.

Alcohol  can affect the BG  as it puts the liver in shock so while its dealing with that effect, it doesnt get the opportunity to dump glucose.

I dont know of drug effects  but others will  be online later that would know more then me.

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