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Rad Warrier

A Food Question

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Rad Warrier

What does food contain besides macro nutrients (carbs, protein and fat), micro nutrients (vitamins, trace minerals etc.) and indigestible stuff called fiber or roughage?

As an example, take the case of the no-fat Greek yogurt that I frequently purchase.  The container lists the macro and micro nutrients and fiber in the yogurt.  A serving size of 170 g of the yogurt has 7 g of carbs, 17 g of protein, 0 g of fat, 0 g of fiber and a few micro grams or nano grams or less of micro nutrients.  Neglecting micro/ nano/ and even milli grams, the yogurt has 7+17 = 24 g of matter listed as nutrients.  There is 0 fiber meaning nothing is indigestible.  So, what else is there in the 170 g of this Greek yogurt after the 24 g of macro nutrients?  Is it just water?

The case of other foods is similar.  The sum of the listed macro nutrients, the micro nutrients and the indigestible stuff termed as fiber is far less than the serving size for which these are listed.  What else is there in the serving size besides the listed stuff?  Is that just water?


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