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Fun with a toaster oven - LC creativity

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So, I tend to eat the same lunch every day for a week.  I bring it all in on Monday and finish it by lunch Friday.  This week I had salad and some sliced deli roast beef.  I realize yesterday that I only had enough salad for 4 days instead of five, so figured I'd run over to Trader Joes and find something that would work for today.


This morning a coworker brought in some stuff from her garden.  Two really small zucchini, a couple small baby carrots, and some green beans.  I figured I could have them just sliced but then had a thought.  I have a toaster oven.  And some butter in the fridge.  And some seasonings at my desk.






I sliced the roast beef and tosses it in a at around half way.  Seasoned with butter, salt, pepper, and some Mrs Dash Onion and Herb blend.  It was REALLY good.  I wish I had more.  :)


Only downside.  I slightly over cooked the zucchini.



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