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Long Term Travel with Type 1

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Hi everyone,


I am planning to buy a one way ticket and travel for at least 6 months, maybe much longer. I am from the US and will be going outside of the country. I have not found any helpful information about how to deal with insurance, getting prescriptions while in another country, and how much these things may cost. Currently, I have private insurance, not through work.


Has anyone had any experience with long term travel and dealing with these topics or can provide any answers to these topics?

I really appreciate your help and advice!




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Cara - Welcome


Honestly, I am not sure how to answer this correctly but, placing myself in this with my imagination, I would see if the following would at least point me in the right direction.


Your doctor may have some ideas.  If not the doctor, then the office manager or the person that handles insurance claims for the office.


I would contact my health insurance company and explain m situation.  They may be able to provide a referral or other information.


Search Google and see if the countries, regions, or cities I am visiting have tourist assistance agencies and contact them.  Hawaii, for example, has a visitor assistance program that is very helpful for those in need.  Up to and including cash assistance to return home if the situation warrants.


Talk to friends or family that have been in the military and visited these areas.  They may have ideas.


The US State Department may have some ideas


If practical, the consulate or other diplomatic offices of the countries you plan to visit may have information.


How exciting, I am sure this will be a wonderful experience! ~ Mike

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