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Anyone Know Anything About the Affects LU6/Linun usitassimum?

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Someone turned me onto an article several months ago about Linun usitassimum active fraction (LU6) and its impact on Type 1 Diabetics.  The article peaked my interest so I did some searching on the internet.  There are a LOT of articles from many sources, like websites, medical journals, universities, and so on.

These articles have all sorts of info on the affects of this vitamin on diabetics.  There are studies and some info that claim that it has a significant improvement for diabetics.


I am just wondering if anyone here has any experience or knowledge about this.  I have recently bought flaxseed oil pills and been taking them, but am unclear if they have this LU6 stuff they mention.






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dowling gram

There is nothing definitive about any of this. It is only in the study phase. Something may come of it but most likely this study like so many others will fade away with no conclusions.


I have eaten flax meal almost daily since shortly after my diabetes diagnoses 4+ years ago. Not because I thought it was some miracle cure but because it is versatile in baking, low in net carbs and high in fiber, has good nutrition and is filling. I make porridge, muffins, loaves, pancakes and other things with flax meal with or without almond meal added.


I can't say if it helped or hindered my diabetes except to say it is one of the tools I use to help me keep my carb intake low and my BG under control.

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