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Rad Warrier

Diagnosis and DF Anniversaries

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Rad Warrier

Today, October 4th is my 13th diabetes diagnosis anniversary.  It was the blood test done on 4th October 2005 that was the basis of the diagnosis.  Also, in ten more days I will have completed 10 years on this Diabetes Forum.  It was on 14th October 2008 that I joined DF.


I consider myself fortunate that I was diagnosed quite in the early stages of the disease. So far, I have been successful in staving off the progression of the disease. My doctor said she is not prescribing Metformin for me anymore, so I don't take any medication for diabetes now. Let me hope that I can maintain this status for many more years - till perhaps the end of my sojourn on this earth.




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Hi Rad, to you an early 10 year congratulations, time really does fly on this forum, I’m about the same, 2004! Glad to hear your Doctor has stopped the Metformin, this has to be good news. You've obviously been doing something right. May you have many…many more years on this Earth without the D……

All the best my friend.



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