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Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip and others

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A couple coworkers and I decided at like 4:30pm last night that we would make something fun for lunch today.  We decided on this Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip.


The coworker with the recipe says she bases it on this


Only we used chopped jalapeno instead of celery and used ranch instead of blue cheese dressing.


We cooked it in the toaster oven here at work and drove everyone nuts.  It tastes amazing.  OMG so good!


Dippers are flax crackers (which are a hit), celery sticks, and carrot sticks.  There was also tortilla chips and pita that the others also used.



Also, while poking around for something else, I ran across this recipe today.


Spinach Artichoke Quiche with Grilled Green Onions


I haven't looked up the macros for cassava flour, but I'm sure you could do the same/similar using all almond flour or mixing other lc flours.  or just do similar to me and go crustless.  its the filling I care about anyway, not the crust.



And while on that page, I saw a link for this

Green Shakshuka with Shaved Brussel Sprouts and Spinach


Veggies and eggs all in one pan.  What's not to like?:)  I honestly do something like this quite often, only I've never tried it with sprouts before.

The macros won't be perfect, but it should be pretty easy to modify, like adding some extra oil/butter and maybe dial back a little on the sprouts.  I'll have to work out the details later.

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Friend and I were talking this morning.  Our next experiment will be to make the dip similar to the recipe says.  Only chorizo instead of chicken.  Leave out jalapenos in the mixture and instead stuff it into halved jalapenos.


So cooked chorizo with cheese and cream cheese and hot sauce.  We're still debating on dressing versus sour cream and should it be mixed in or served as a dollop on top of the finished work.

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I was thinking that with the chorizo, the bacon wouldn't be needed.  I guess that will depend on how much of it we use.  :)

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