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Made a video about running with diabetes

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Hope that this helps a lot of you looking to begin running!


I've been running for 6 years with diabetes and am still able to run sub 18 in the 5k, though some of that is due to youth. You just need to learn how running impacts your blood sugar for different types of runs and you'll be golden. The more you learn, the better! Hope that this helps!

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Good video bud!


I usually just keep it between 3-5 miles 5x per week with one longer run, 8-10 miles once per week. I’m alright with the shorter runs, start around BG 100 and end up mid to high 70’s.  Longer runs I have to take a bar or tablets with me because around seventh mile I start to dip low. Personally not a fan of running, was a hockey player, but realize the importance of it and just bang it out. 


Again good video and thanks for sharing! 

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