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Hi Everyone - 

My Doctor recently prescribed 5 mg of Farxiga and i have been taking it about 1 week now.  I also take 1000mg of metformin in the AM and one in the PM (2000 mg a day).  Does anyone have any experiences with Farxiga?  It seems to be lowering my Blood Sugar but i am SO worried about the side affects like Yeast Infections, UTIs, Kidney failure etc.

I would be interested in knowing how this has worked for others - is it worth taking.




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Drink lots and lots of water. There will be a high risk of yeast rashes and uti’s. I am on invokana right now but my insurance is dropping coverage for next year. It’s also not as effective as it was a few years ago so I’m switching to using a basal insulin instead. 

Best of luck.

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dowling gram

I'd be most worried about kidney failure with this drug. Talk to your doctor and tell him your fears.  Ask your doctor about trying Janumet. It's a combination of Metforman and Januvia. I've been on Januvia for 5 years and have had no problems. In combination with my diet I've had an A1C of under 6 so it works well for me. I don't know the cost difference or if your insurance covers it but you can always try.


Farixia like Invokana are a relatively new class of drugs that rids the body of excess glucose through your urine. I think that's why it's hard on the kidneys. That sugar in your urine is what causes UIT's. If you are prone to them that's another reason to talk to your doctor

Januvia is a DPP-4 inhibitor--It simulates the beta cells to release more insulin. It works by reducing blood glucose with out causing Hypoglycemia.

Metforman is the oldest form of oral diabetes medicine. IWhen it is not enough to keep your BG low it is sometimes combined with other meds

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