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Captain Diabetes

T slim x2 vs medtronics 670g

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Captain Diabetes

Early in 2019, I am looking at going to an insulin pump.  These are the 2 that I have narrowed it down to, but I keep going back and forth on which one. I would love to hear any opinions of the people that are using these, or have used them in the past.  Would really love a comparison between the 2 if anyone has used both. 

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First check to see if either is covered by your insurance carrier. I have been using the Medtronic 630G with the Guardian 3 CGMS. I find the closed loop system to be a great feature to keep my BGs under control, especially during the night when I am sleeping. The system anticipates pending lows and stops infusion of insulin accordingly. It also increases the infusion if your BGs start to rise. However, it has its limitations if you go too high or too low. Under these conditions, it sends an alarm that It is going out of auto mode. Apparently, it doesn’t trust itself under extreme conditions.


it also tends to send out a lot of alarms to recalibrate and recheck your BGs which can become annoying, especially while you are sleeping. I also feel that it prefers to keep you in the range of 100 to 120 rather then 80 to 100, again in the interest of safety.

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Making the same decision -  I'm going with the Medtronic.  A couple reasons tipped me towards that direction, they are: 


* I spoke with the Dexcom rep and she indicated that Full Closed Loop was available.  That is not true from my research so it concerned me she didn't know. 

* Related to above, I'd prefer a system that is all in one, rather than two companies that work in tandem.  Easier to deal with insurance and problems with the products.  

* The medtronic rep explained to me that the current CGM was upgraded in December and has 90% less alarms.  

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