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2019 Morning Fasting BG Readings

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Yes, funerals are for the living, not the dead, though the dead (or to be dead) can be quite opinionated about the subject.  My mother would spin in her grave fast enough to affect the Earth's rotation if she knew what I had planned.


I've already made my wishes known.


No funeral, no exceptions.  No burial, no coffin, no urn, no stone, no ceremony, etc.

I am an organ donor.  Whatever bits of me can be used to improve the lives of others, go for it.  For the rest, I want to be composted (its legal in Washington state now and I adore the idea).

I want to leave as small a footprint as possible once I am dead.


If people want to do something to remember me?  Go curl up in a comfy spot and read a book.  Or get together with others, play games, and laugh yourself sick.


Mr Fuzzy's uncle's family decided to not have a funeral or public viewing.  If it is what he, or his family, wanted, then I see no problem with that.

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96 today.  Totally surprised.


With Gail visiting, I admittedly relaxed my carb intake.  Nothing dramatic but I would taste her dessert or starches.  The BBQ was kind of a disaster for me because I know they use a lot of sugar in the sauce but I called it a diabetes be damned day and even that wasn't as horrible as I expected.  No cycling while Gail was here.


Yesterday, I planned to get back on track.  Nick's Dad is visiting and invited me over for steaks and dirty rice.  I had enough time after work to cycle 50km which I did in a little under 2 hours.  This is a pretty brisk workout for me.  My heart gets up to around 120 bpm and stays there at this rate.


The rice was great, unfortunately, and I had a little more than I planned to thinking I will get back on tomorrow.  When I got home last night, I tested.  Expecting a train wreck I was at 93.  When I tested this morning, I was at 96.  Relatively speaking, however, I had much less rice than I would have had before I adopted my diet.  Probably 1/3 cup of cooked rice.  I planned to stick to no more than 1/4 but I had a couple more bites at the end since it was so good.


I have observed this in me before.  If I exercise vigorously and consume some carbs, there appears to be much less effect.  While completely unscientific, mu guess is that the exercise has a profound affect on my resistance to insulin.  My leg muscles are probably happy for it lol...

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Kala is going to send me somewhere to nourish an oak tree since that is what I remind her of.  This after they use whatever they can in me to help others.


Funerals here can range from in the home where they are quite somber to affairs on the beach or in a park where they are lively and, at least to me, really remember the person for who they were.


I probably won't care what they do in my case but I imagine Kala would arrange a bash and, if I could care, that would please me.  I wouldn't want sadness.  


When my Grandmother passed away, she expressly did NOT want a funeral so we did the beach thing and celebrated her life.  At the end, we all had a shot of Johnnie Walker Black (her favorite) and my Uncle (her son) and close friends paddled out to the reef with her remains and spread them so she could be with my Grandfather who also had his ashes spread into the Pacific.

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