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2019 Morning Fasting BG Readings

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hi all, hope everyone's doing well ❤️

BG this morning 5.7. Only goes up to 6 if I've eaten something later than usual or eaten out during the day. The Bisoprolol still impacts BG, so it goes down to fasting in 3 hours. But my GP was cooperative and increased my metformin to twice a day. And that's really helped bring the fasting down in the 5s fmp.


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I don't know how many saw about the two tornadoes on Cape Cod on Tuesday?


I was a little worried about it because it was the remnants of the storm with the tornado that hit Yarmoth and Harwich went on to hit Truro and Wellfleet and it knocked down trees and wires. I got an update yesterday from a friend, the only thing the storm did to the cottage was blow over the screen tent.  About a dozen in town were without power for a couple of hours, and about 50,000 were without power on the Cape

The best interview that I saw was when a reporter asked a girl of about 10 or 11 is she was scared when the tornado hit the motel they were staying in.

She gave the reporter a blank stare and said something like, "Well yeah, the roof got blown off and we were all in the bathtub... what do you think?"


Some local news coverage.

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