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dowling gram

A wonderful charity

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dowling gram

I just read an incredible and inspiring story. It's about a woman who is doing more to help the homeless than any other charity that I've heard about. Inspired by her own past she created a jacket that turns into a sleeping bag while she was in college. It's waterproof on the outside and well insulated. Then she found a way to get them to the homeless and create jobs for some of them. It's entirely funded by donations and distributed throughout the world. Winnipeg Manitoba Canada just received 200 of them and they were distributed by The community  homeless assistance team. In an interview the creator and founder said that since it's inception they have distributed over 30,000 of these warm jackets.


The charity "The Empowerment plan" --look them up on line--is based in Detroit Mich. It employs only people from local shelters and gives them a job making the coats. They don't have to know how to sew. They teach them all they need to know. Not 1 of the people employed by them went back on the streets. That's what I call a hand up.

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I'm always intrigued to see charities on hand taking the initiative in helping the homeless, an extraordinary storey. I’m absolutely inspired to see not only did she created the dual purpose attire/jacket, but manage to get her creation to the needed homeless people, and furthermore created jobs. An amazing story.


It is estimated that 150 million people are homeless worldwide. An estimated figure which has reached alarming heights and is increasing rapidly with every passing day. In my opinion, it has become a cause of global concern, which needs to be addressed much more. Every country has its problems of homelessness, not far from home the UK estimated a staggering figure of 320,000 homeless people, and rising.


We all can make a difference, by doing a small part towards this ongoing human plight. Most people

experiencing homelessness have a higher incidence than the general population for almost all health conditions, particularly hypertension, diabetes, HIV and sexually transmitted infections, and respiratory ailments, including asthma and bronchitis. Paramount to this increased incidence of health problems is the fact that the homeless lifestyle is typically characterized by factors outside a homeless person's control, such as where one lives, where one sleeps and what one eats. Additionally, homeless people cannot easily get health care and due to these circumstances, health conditions are more difficult to treat. This makes me very sad.


A week ago, my wife answered a knock to the front door, a young lady standing on my doorsteps, partially dress for the current weather. Said, ‘she had nothing to eat all day, I’m cold and hungry, and have you a little to eat or drink’? My wife looked at me, waited for the nod, which I hesitantly gave. We both beckon her in, asked her to sit at the dining table, we both served her a chicken dinner and vegetables, and a soft drink. She said her name was ‘Martha’ been homeless on the road for some time. We asked questions like what the local housing department and Shelter were doing to help? But she seems dazed and confused, so we thought not to push questioning her, any further. I said to her are you full and warm? After an hour or so, she was about to leave, we gave her some fruits and money and wish her luck with her intended housing, she then thank us both.

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