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This Is Scary! Driver in Diabetic Shock

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Dangerous chase during rush hour result of driver having medical emergency
January 11th 2019


COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - A potentially deadly situation was stopped when a police officer from Hilliard, Ohio managed to safely stop a driver swerving all over the interstate during rush hour, after a short chase. Officers now say the driver was having a medical emergency which led to the dangerous pursuit.




This happened to a friend's father back in the 80s. He was jailed and a friend who was a police officer recognized him and knew he was a diabetic. They dumped sugar packs in him and brought him out of diabetic shock. Ironically he was driving a Hostess Cup Cake truck

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Watching that video should be pinned to the top & everyone one of us should watch it and often.

Always check your BG before driving  and again during the journey if its a long drive.

So many people could have lost their lives , not just the diabetic, but other road users & police.


As soon as we reach for the car keys, we should first reach for our BG meter.

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