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Captain Diabetes

Loss connection with Dexcom G6 at night

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Captain Diabetes

To all out there, I'm new to the use of CGM's.  I got the new Dexcom G6 2 days ago and I've noticed that once it connected it stayed connected except for at night.  Both nights I have wore it I have had connection issues.  Each night it has went off with a lost signal twice.  I use the receiver as the android phone I use isn't supported by the app (frustrating but not the end of the world) and it lays right beside the bed on the night stand at most 3 feet away. Not sure what is going on but I realized that both times it happened last night when it woke me up in alarm I was laying on my stomach. Sensor and transmitter do not seem to be loose, and I have good signal all day long.  Both nights it happened at roughly the same times, 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.  Any one have any ideas on what is going on or if they are experiencing the same issues.  I'm thinking of turning off the signal lost alert, and any thoughts on that would be appreciated as well.  I will be going to the pump in a few more days so if it is a reciever issue maybe that will fix itself. 

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