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Good Customer Service can still be found

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I would like to comment on a product that is based in the USA, OttoLock. http://ottodesignworks.com


First pleasant surprise is that they are based in the United States and claim to manufacture their products in the United States.  I was looking for a bike lock that didn't weigh a lot to lock up when I stop for coffee, lunch, and so on.  Fiare has a Kryptonite U-Lock that I can mount on the frame.  While it is a solid lock and I can leave unattended for a short period, it is heavy...


With Kokopelli, I am working on travelling light.  I know that any lock I get that compromises on weight will simply not be as secure.  One quote I found is that "I can offer cheap, light, or strong, pick two" to be apt.


I came upon the Cinchlock which is just some stainless steel bands wrapped in kevlar, coated in a cut resistant plastic and set up as an oversized zip-tie.  There is a combination lock that allows you to open the band.  It is very light and the idea is to stop an opportunity theft like grab and go.  If someone has a few minutes alone, it can be cut with snips or a hacksaw.  Really just for cafe stops.


I ordered mine and received it.  It was less than I expected as far as the lock mechanism seemed flimsy.  The combo wheels were loose and it just did not have a good feel.  I managed to lock it (not on my bike, just testing) and then found it would not unlock.


In frustration, I beat the mechanism with a hammer, threw it away, wrote a bad review, and was ready to move on.


I did like the idea of the lock and decided to communicate my experience with the manufacturer.  I left feedback and quickly received the automatic "we will be in touch with you email".


The next day, Tammy emailed me, and we began a correspondence.  I was, as expected, asked to return the lock so they could determine what was wrong with it.  I had to admit my dumb action and fully expected, "Sorry we can't help you".  I would not be disappointed in that.


To my surprise she sent an email that showed her belief in the product and empathizing with my frustration.  She insisted on sending me a new lock, the latest model.  She explained that earlier production models did have some problems with the mechanism and they were using different and better components.  It was possible I received some overstock or simply a defective one.  


I then felt bad because they did not have a fair opportunity to correct this and offered to buy a new lock or to donate to a charity that they would support.


That offer was declined, she wanted to send me a new lock at no further charge.  You don't often find service like that anymore.  I am interested to see if I have a better experience with the new lock.


To make this right, I plan to donate the purchase price of the lock to my Rotary club.

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dowling gram

I have had a few examples of good customer service. One was Amazon. I ordered 2 folding lawn chairs for my front deck. The box when I got it was mangled and one of the chairs damaged. I notified Amazon. They apologized and sent out 2 new chairs and notified their shipper to pick up the 2 damaged chairs. I ordered 2 jugs of 4 month fertilizer. One came with the top unscrewed and fertilizer in the box. They sent another one and told me to keep the damaged one so I got some free fertilizer


I always have good customer service from all the seed companies I have ordered from for the last 40 or 50 years. If a plant won't grow or seeds don't sprout or they send the wrong seeds they replace it no questions asked.


I ordered knitting yarn from Yarn Canada and wasn't sure of the softness of one yarn brand that I had never used. They sent me a sample and offered free exchanges If I wasn't satisfied with their yarn.


I think on line companies are better at offering good customer service than brick and mortar stores. There are so many companies on line offering similar things that if they don't they will soon go out of business. It also depends on how you complain.  Cursing and yelling won't get you anywhere.  A soft spoken voice with reason and logic on your side will get you heard and you'd be more likely to get good results



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2 hours ago, dowling gram said:

It also depends on how you complain.  Cursing and yelling won't get you anywhere.  A soft spoken voice with reason and logic on your side will get you heard and you'd be more likely to get good results.


I agree. I always wait until I've calmed down. I'm well-spoken and I can fillet you with the English language without breaking a sweat. With that said...


When I buy a new product from the grocery store I look for an online URL that they put up for customer feedback. I send off an email to them if I like their product and 9 times out of 10 they send me back coupons for a free one next time I shop. Their customer support is worth way more than the price of a refund or a coupon, in my opinion.

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