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apo metformin shortage

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our drugstore says in canada there is a shortage of apo metformin.

does anyone know about this?

apotex say they do not talk to customers!


apo is the only brand that did not upset my system when i started 15 years ago

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dowling gram

I don't know anything about a shortage but I do know it may differ with different drug stores. I would let my fingers do the shopping and call other pharmacies. Start with the larger ones. They may be able to get it when the smaller ones can't


I like Werthers sugar free  caramels for when I get a sweet craving. The grocery where I usually buy them says they are having a hard time getting them yet other places have no trouble

If you can't get it try the slow release Metforman. Even if it's a different brand it is easier on the stomach and bowels. Some here who can't take regular Metforman can take it with no problems

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